Workout E-books

Do you feel too skinny?
Do you want to have more curves?
Just want overall thickness?
Want to lose stubborn cellulite? Already thick but want to tone?
Want to tighten? Looking for a solid big booty?
Want buns of steel? Ready to transform your body?
Want to be strong, healthy, and happy?

Are the e-book's to help! The books for YOU RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!

The E-book's are a glute's focused guide, yet also work your legs.
So kill that lower half and add muscle mass with the gym based E-book "Got Booty".
Get those thick strong legs you’ve always dreamed of,
and add some beautiful curves to your already gorgeous body!
With the "Plump and Perky" at home based E-book do these workouts anywhere anytime! Use your time with "Plump and Perky" while doing the dishes, laundry, cooking, traveling, in the comfort of your room!
With these workouts you will tone tone tone, lift lift lift, and make tight tight tight!!

Build a bigger booty!!! Make your cheeks plump and perky right now!
Those sweet sexy buns are waiting to bust out!
These are my personal workouts and exact routine's that I do in the gym today. They are awesome!!!! I want to share my workout secrets with you RIGHT NOW!!


Get 3 EBooks and Save! 

Each exercise is explained in details paired with photos of movements. Including how many reps, sets, and technique.

Glutes Galore

Resistance band workouts for toned and curvy legs and glutes. (Home & Gym)

Got Booty?

Exercises designed to build you a bigger booty. (Gym Version)

Plump and Perky

At home, butt and leg workouts for shaping toned and feminine curves. (At Home Version)

By Jasmine Chiquito

About Me

ALOOOHAAA :) I'm Jasmine Chiquito, personal trainer and booty builder! I am 24 years old, born and raised in LA. I started my fitness journey March 2014. I have been weightlifting now for 5 years, beyond elated!! I was 115 lbs before I ever lifted a weight and now today I am 135 lbs and 21% body fat. I fell madly love with weightlifting, and even more in love with the transformation not only physical but mental. The results are truly unbelievable but so worth it. This is absolutely a lifetime commitment. Once trying a taste of this fitness world I couldn't get enough. Working out is my life! One of the best things to happen to me! I want to share this happiness with others and help them achieve whatever goals they have in mind. Just changing the world one fitness accomplishment at a time! I am here to support and celebrate my fellow fit friends! Manipulate/build your body to aesthetic perfection while reaping the healthy benefits on the inside and mentally. With ALL 100% natural materials, just your body, sweat, dedication, patience, and commitment. Also must mention how so much of having your dream physique begins in the kitchen. I have never had any plastic surgery done whatsoever. There is hope for the every single one of you who wishes to have a bigger butt naturally. Yes you can build curves! It is possible!!! “The proof is in the pudding!!!” 

I know you're ready,

Less talking more lifting!!!!